Destiny's Way

I just finished Destiny's Way, book number ? out of ? in the New Jedi Order series. I don't feel like looking up the exact number at the moment. As my trek through the NJO began, I really was not a fan of the series. I didn't mind the significant deaths as much as I didn't enjoy the dreary, defeatist, gloomy tone of the thing. The Yuuzhan Vong were just overwhelmingly awful.

Yet, I stuck with it and I think I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed Destiny's Way. I'm sure part of it is that the good guys are starting to have a little bit of success. But I've also enjoyed seeing the beginnings of Jacen's path towards Sith-iness. His relationships with Vergere has many similarities with his relationship with Lumiya. Which makes sense.

So, now that I'm down to five or so NJO books remaining, I'm actually looking forward to the rest of them.


starthunder said...

For someone like me who stopped reading NJO early on (I put it down to read other stuff), this is an encouraging post - frankly it didn't really spark my interest enough to trudge forward, and for a sporadic EU reader like myself, it takes insights like this to urge me to pick it back up again, so thanks rj!

Destiny's Way is book 14 out of 19 NJO books, so you're 3/4 of the way through! And if you happen to have a copy of The Joiner King in paperback, there is a novella in there called Ylesia that takes place during or right after Destiny's Way (I forget which). Lucasbooks made an error by not including Ylesia in the pb version of DW, so they published it later. It's also available for free in ebook form here.

I usually go on EU reading binges in the winter months, so maybe I'll pick back up with NJO then, along with Rule of Two!

Anyone check out the Death Star novel yet?

RJ said...

I did read Ylesia, which was quite good. Thrackan Sal-Solo is very much like Gaius Baltar from BSG in that story.

As for the NJO, I've actually enjoyed the books after Star by Star. SbS was the nadir, but it's been up from there.

I'm waiting for my local library system to get Death Star. It's on order and I've got my name on the list, so I'll probably get that in the next couple weeks. I'm also going to try to pick up the new Republic Commando at the bookstore this week. My library system isn't ordering that one, so I'll be buying that.

starthunder said...

I haven't heard the best feedback about Star by Star elsewhere either, but there is another novella in the paperback version of that too, right? LOL - unfortunately I had picked up a used copy of SBS in CL for cheap (havn't read it). I'll probably get rid of that and pick up the paperback when I get to that point in the NJO. Thanks. Now I know where it will start to get better.

Frankly, I was always more interested in the continuing adventures of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and the droids - and since the PT, I've wanted more Obi-Wan stuff, but that has still been relatively scant. As the EU stretches forward and those main characters (the surviving ones) start to get replaced with their offspring, I start to get even less interested. If it came down to L,L or H getting killed off, I would be done with the EU. The events of Vector Prime were the first big detraction to the NJO for me.

Anyone want a hard cover copy of Star by Star? :)

Hansgirl3 said...

I'm only on the first NJO novel, Vector Prime. I had been putting them off and reading other SW books, but finally ran out of other SW books, so here we are. It's taking me quite a while to get through this first book. I hope this isn't foreshadowing of how the rest of the novels will be for me. :p

I do like the book, it's just taking much more time for me than usual. :)

Darth Hiram said...

I just started Death Star. I'm also doing double duty in reading the Harry Potter series so I've got lots of reading ahead of me!

I haven't read NJO yet, but jumped right into LOTF series. I'll just have to backtrack!