Thunder! ... Thunder?


meee mememememe

Okie-day. Let's try this again...

Thunder! Thuuuuunndddeeeeerrrrr!!! Where could he be?


The following nightstand comes from the lush forest lands of Kashyyyk


Halloween Help!

Hey guys and gals!

Kayleigh has informed me (this morning, mind you) that she has decided that she wants to be Calypso from POTC3 for Halloween.

I need your help!

I can't find any pictures of her online and costumes - BAH! They're all either Jack, Elizabeth or Will. I mentioned the Oriental Elizabeth costume to her a couple weeks back but she was adamently against it.

If, in your internet travels, you happen to find a good picture you can send me or, better yet, a link to a costume that would be great!

In the meantime, I will continue looking as well but, I thought I'd throw up the flare to see if you guys might be able to help!



Here ya go WOV. You're right. Not alotta easily found reference shots. The first pic is from that site hansgirl found. Awesome! ;)


Ode to Thriller

This is all ami's fault. She posted the first video somewhere, and the web-junkie in me had some weird chemical/chain-reaction. Okay, maybe it's all youtube's fault, since when I followed her link, I saw all the "related video" on the page with crazy amounts of Thriller rip-offs! I couldn't resist posting.

Hey, it's that time of year anyway. Woo Hoo!

I guess ami's band did Thriller (I would love to see video of that!), and somehow a Congressman showed her the following video on youtube (the latter is something only ami can explain)... this is from a Phillipino prison. How the two leads (MJ and the girl-guy LOL!) is beyond me, but I gotta say - I have the same halter top the girl guy has, and he looks pretty darn good in it:

Speaking of bands doing Thriller, Pen State Blues did it too:

The nation of India saw it fit to do Thriller their own way:

Hmmm. There were a bunch of wedding Thrillers. Has this replaced the Electric Slide? I hope so! This one builds up, I promise ;):

A shorter wedding Thriller. This one is worth it just for the guy on the right's hair:

Of course, someone had to go and make a FULL version of Lego Thriller:

Just for reference - The original Thriller by MJ himself:

Online Videos by Veoh.com

If anyone finds any other cool Thriller versions - please post!! :D

Embed of nob's post

I guess I can't edit nob's post, but here is the vid as an embed.

Essential Sunday Viewing

I tried embedding this, and it started telling me stuff I wasn't allowed to do and didn't understand - so we'll do it the old fashioned way...

Vader Blues


We Need a Basics Class

Or, I can ask Thunder to start acting like my secretary at work: "Um, I need this done and I'm too busy/lazy/dumb/old to spend the time to figure out how to do it."

I was trying to get the video clip to run here, but -- Thunder, will you fix this? Man getting hit in the groin is funny on so many levels. Especially when a kid does it.

gotcha covered jk (v1.0) ;)

for future reference - all ya gotta do is look for the embed code and copy it. in youtube's case, it is to the right of the video where all the info is, right under tags and the url link.

when you are in post writing mode here at blogger, you need to choose "edit html" mode on the upper right menu tab (as opposed to "compose" mode) and paste the embed code in there. after you've pasted the embed code in "edit html", you can toggle back to "compose mode" at your leisure.

- xo, starjk :)


"Ya say it's your Birthday...."

Just a little shout out to the resident DPM...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you...
You work with a bunch of monkeys
and your room mate's one too!


Happy birthday, DPM... Hope this is a great one!

***Wifey leaves a Raspberry Cake with Vanilla frosting on the Bar for all to enjoy with their margarita's, martini's and BEEEEEEEERRRR!***


All ye talk like a pirate day it tis. ArrrrRRR

This is it. The one day when you're supposed to talk like a pirate. I don't know why it's just today, since in my ye olde scroll o piratology it's okay to talk like a pirate every day!

Supposedly, these guys started it all, and surely on that blimey site tells all ye wanna know about talking like a pirate mateys.

That's about all I got, except a good excuse to post a pic of Jack. Can we make a Jack Sparrow appreciation day too?

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Right... now :(

Okay, so those other video posts were obviously not popular over here - I'm assuming because nobody gives too big of a whoop for both Brittany Spears or the way anyone on the internet feels about her.

But... don't go there with Star Wars!!! (This one is totally rated G):

Thanks for the direct Club Jade :)


Prince Caspian poster

Glad to see the art of poster art still lives. The Narnia sequel poster released today. There's something both really cool about this poster to me, and at the same time, the very slight angle Caspian stands at is a little... askew.

All of you, leave each other ALONE!

I don't know if anyone checks in on what's happening on youtube... I do intermittently. Just happened to catch the latest post 9/9 (the MTV VMAs) Brittany Spears trauma. The following videos contain strong language, so leave my uncle's sister's brother in law ALONE! (watch in descending order):
1 - Chris Crocker wants us to leave Britanny ALONE!

2 - Seth Greene wants us to leave Chris Crocker ALONE!

3 - Chris's dad wonders where he went WRONG...

4 - Perez Hilton just wants to be... left alone?

And there are a bajillion other similar video responses around youtube :P


Star Wars reimagined?

The "reimagined" Battlestar Galactica is pretty much a kick-butt success. It took a mildly interesting 70's sci-fi show, put it in the blender, kept some important ingredients and out came some greatness.

Could the same be done with Star Wars? I love me some Star Wars, so I don't toss this idea out there because I have a problem with anything in the GFFA. I'm largely a happy-go-lucky Star Wars fan.

But...I can imagine some pretty cool "reimaginings" of Star Wars. Keep some of the basic elements of Star Wars: Skywalkers, Jedi, the Force; but, do something different with it. More ambiguous, more complex, start from scratch.

If you were to reimagine Star Wars, what would be some things you'd do?

A few ideas off the top of my head:

  • Jar-Jar Binks betrays the Jedi and leads to their destruction. I envision him in a Baltar-like role.
  • Not starting the story with baby Anakin. Start with Anakin as a young man.
  • Anakin Skywalker and Palpatine are young Jedi together, along with Obi-Wan. Essentially they are all contemporaries. Obi-Wan is the "good influence"; Palpatine is the "bad influence" who feels the Jedi should take a more active role in maintaining galactic peace.
  • Only one Death Star blows up. No need for two Death Stars.
  • Ewoks are vicious sharp-teethed killers.
  • Or there are no Ewoks at all.
  • No midi-chlorians. The Force is completely mystical and unexplainable.


So Excited!!

Next weekend, here in Houston, at a little movie theatre in River Oaks (called The River Oaks Theatre, of course), at their weekly midnight show, they're showing Serenity!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Having never seen it on the big screen when it was originally released, I'm completely stoked about having the chance to see it in a theatre!! :D

On top of that, the following weekend, the midnight show will be Flash Gordon!!!!! Wheeeeee!!! Or should I say, SQQQQQQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I saw it on the big screen when it came out..... many multiple times..... but it will be fantastic to see it in all its glory once again!!

*sigh* Nathan Fillion, Sam Jones and Timothy Dalton.... I'll be in heaven... ;)

Hunka hunka scifi love!! Whooo!


Cast your own movie!

Heh - I was just daydreaming (procrastinating), and thought of a few people I would love to cast in a movie together. Not sure what the movie is yet, but my cast so far is:

- Katee Sackhoff
- Clive Owen
- Hayden Christensen
- Masi Oka

The list is to be continued. I was thinking of people who aren't huge names yet except in genre fan circles of course, and perhaps with the exception of Clive Owen who is becoming more well known. Maybe Masi is now too. Hmmm... who else?

Who are you casting for your movie?

LOL @ Hayden's flower pose

LOL @ Masi's Hayden shirt


An hour with George and Charlie

Could there be anything better? This was pointed to by Club Jade, which was apparently pointed to by Stooge - so thanks guys! I saw this on TV a long time ago, and tried to find it uploaded on the web. I seem to remember finding this when Charlie Rose episodes were on Google video, but for a fee. So thanks to youtube too, and to Google for owning youtube, and to The Charlie Rose show for making these accessible for free :)

And if one hour with George and Charlie isn't enough, move on to course two: an hour with George from the D5 annual tech and media conference.


Whatcha reading/watching? Gab gab gab

What's on your bed stand? Okay, I don't need the gory details... I mean books! Also, what movies or shows have you guys been watching on DVD or actual TV, or seen in theaters recently?

Moi? *bats eyelashes* I haven't had too much time for leisure reading, and when I do, I go in mad spurts. As I commented in rj's review of Inferno (spoilers!), I came to a screeching halt with any more forward reading of the EU, since I couldn't take any major characters from the OT dying off. I have I, Jedi bookmarked about 1/4 through after having started reading it a year or so ago, putting it down, then picking it back up again and starting from the beginning again about a month ago. I'm also flipping through Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces again. LOL, other than that, I'm reading through Kaplan's GRE study guide *vomits*

I just finished watching Inagaki's Musashi trilogy on DVD. Had the first one on video, but never got to see the rest until now. Love the old samurai flicks, and I love the myth of Myamoto Musashi. These films are very spaghetti western and melodramatic, but Toshiro Mifune is a joy to watch in this, and the two female leads played by Kaoru Yachigusa and Mariko Okada are outstanding! I have the Mushashi novel by Eiji Yoshikawa, and that's prolly going to be the next big read I start.

Also just finished watching everything of the new Battlestar Galactica on DVD so far again (seasons 1 through 2.5) just in time to catch the next round of season 3 reruns on the Sci Fi channel starting later this month. Yeay. I think a lot of you know whatta BSG geek I am :) Alas, it's looking once again as though the season 3 DVDs won't come out until just before season 4 starts in January :(

Not much else... picked up the Dune Extended edition the other day. I'll probably watch that again one of these days soon. Otherwise - anybody planning for Halloween yet? Some costume ideas below, or click here to watch with music :D.


Mad saber skillz

Many moons ago, I blogged over on SW about a friend of mine who acted in one of my movies being in a fan film - well, the film is available for download and looking at, and if you go here you can check it out.
Now, it's not great, too many houses and fences and door handles in it for my liking, but the saber effects are impressive, and Amos (the bald jedi) does a lot of fancy saber twirling.
Anyhoo - just in case you wanted to waste half an hour - here you go.
BTW - I recommend the high quality download, not the YouTube or iPod versions...


Well, hello there, Peeps!

Thanks for the invite to this spiffy looking blogsite! Whew!! It's cool! Can I order a Shirley Temple from the bar? LOL!

I just returned from a week in Denver late last night. I was there on business and loved every minute of it. Denver is one of my favorite cities!

My flight getting home was delayed, though, and I was supposed to get home at 8:45pm, but due to weather issues in Houston, I was delayed until 10:45!!! :O So not fun!

While I was in Denver, I located a Target and was able to get some packs of the 30th Anniversary trading cards. I just love those cards and collecting cards and trying to make frakking SET out of the packs of cards. I've never managed to accomplish that task. I'm sure I'll end up buying the entire set later. ;)

Ami, love the prints all framed!! Beautiful! I haven't done that to any of my CV prints yet. I really need to get a move on, huh?

Have a FANTABULOUS day!!! :)