Let the President sleep - dammit!

Star Wars in Sports

I haven't been around so much, as I've been consumed by sporting events. The D-Backs had a good run, the Suns are starting up and -- only a little behind schedule -- the Cards are starting to implode.

A sports guy on the local radio said that the thing on Curt Warner's arm last Sunday looked like something that the Emperor grafted onto Darth Vader. Then, reading Bill Simmons, he cut-and-pasted this email for us:

"Bill, when Drew hit that grand slam in the first inning, I felt just like I did when I saw 'Return of the Jedi' for the first time. After hating Darth Vader for nearly nine hours of the original Star Wars trilogy, he does that one great thing at the end and saves Luke Skywalker's life. We forgot all about how he killed scores of people, including the whole planet of Alderaan."

Star Wars is everywhere, I suppose.

I've always enjoyed the similarities between sports and the Saga.


Jedi Name Generator

This was my first try. Click the link at the bottom to take the quiz and get your prolly pretty lame Jedi name. It's kinda depressing since it doesn't really gear questions for gurls :(

Find out What's Your Jedi Name at LiquidGeneration.com

The next leader of the world...

I apologize. After thinking long and hard, one night, while I was sleeping... or maybe it was the tuna sandwich I had before bed... anyway, I've decided to decline my nomination for the presidency due to the revelation that I could save the world with a My Pretty Pony brigade much more efficiently than I could while dozing off in the Oval Office. Thunder tends to agree, and while I tried to pass the offer to him, he decided much more quickly than I that sleeping and eating were a much better catalyst to world peace, right where he is now. So we both decided to pass the nomination to office on to Zonkers the cat, who has all the time in the world to do whatever strikes her fancy. We told Zonkers that there was an endless supply of lint balls in DC to occupy her during the long term in office. She whole heartedly stepped up to the task!


I, Jedi

Has anybody here read I, Jedi? I just finished it and it was quite good. The first-person perspective was kind of neat and worked out better than I would have thought.

It was also cool to see the events of the Jedi Academy trilogy from Corran Horn's perspective. And, Horn is just a cool character period. Also I, Jedi had the best descriptions I've read about how it feels to sense and use the Force. It made it seem like a very real part of the world. I need to go check my midichlorian count to see if I'm getting closer to Jedi levels.


jkthunder in Star Wars Insider

jkthunder has a question in the Q&A section of this month's Star Wars Insider. Pretty cool!

In reference to her question, I believe Padme died from an acute case of Anakinitis. This is a rare blood condition believed to have originated deep in the jungles of Kashyyyk. It usually appears when someone's husband or wife becomes a dark lord of the Sith.


Apparently this was from the 2002 Turin Olympics. I had no idea!

I haven't tried this yet, but it should work on Windows XP?

Buckethead kind of scares me... a lot!

Siskel and Ebert talk Star Wars back in '83. Kewl

ROTJ trailer for the heck of it



If you weren't thirsty before, you will be now... okay, maybe you will fear thirst. Either way, this is hilarious (contains some language):

NOTE - The videos below contain ONE swear word which occurs at 00:36

Here's Powerthirst 1.0:

This one makes sense - Optimus Powerthirst:

And of course... Star Wars Powerthirst (Swear occurs at 00:37 in this one):


Ultimate BSG Video

Got 9.5 minutes to burn? Here's a vid that combines every existing episode of BSG (the new one) into one fat ESP Pompeii driven video. This is filled with major spoilers, but then again, it's so jumbled up you would never be able to sort it all out unless you watched the frakking series anyway. This was posted by a BSG fan with the intent to inspire others to watch the series. jk*star*thunder approved. I likey.


I'm Going! I'm Going! I'm Going!!!!

I get to go to the Dallas SciFi Expo this month on Oct 20-21!!!! Woo-hooooooo!!!!

I wrote a full blog on it here, but I just had to share my joy! :)

RJ, you live near Dallas, don't you? Are you going? I'd LOVE to meet you!! :D