Hey dudes!

I don't know if you guys have ever heard of or seen this before, but this is an amazing DVD (or 2!) for kids & anyone who happens to think music & animation is cool. It's called AniMusic. Matt just bought the first DVD for use in his classroom but we're sitting here watching it.

It's so hypnotic- the attention to detail is insane! We have just been sitting here mesmerized. They were showing some of Animusic 2 on PBS a few weeks ago which was where I saw it for the first time. Andrew loves it, too!!

I told Matt he should just play this for me at night to help me get to sleep!!

Football Season

For any fans out there, here's a good article. Football picks with corresponding Star Wars connections. Although I'm a stormtrooper at heart, it looks like I'll be wearing Leia's metal bikini ... how embarrassing.

I think my favorite is Wedge's team.

I Nominate Myself...

No no no! You have to respect the hard work & pure boredom that went into me creating this little ditty last winter. I did not use kazoos or any sort of effects, this is actually how I sound. :p Now, if only I'd made a stupid video to go along with it....


daa DAAahhh da da da DAAHH dahhhh...

Thrawn posted this over at his blog. Awesome indeed. I think this has something for everyone here (especially the Guinness shirt?) :p


We need playdoh

That way we can all have a go at replicating Lionel Richie's head while we are enjoying our drinks.

See how another couple of athletes got on, here.
Y'know, it could conceivably be made out of chewing tobacco and jerky.
I'm chewin', I'm chewin'!


Grand Entrance

So, they just let anyone post any photos up here, eh? I don't foresee too much censorship if Thunder is the moderator. Here's the photo for the invite for jkelly2's 4th birthday.

I had to do somehting interesting since she stole my bar idea -- and the beer from my bar -- and the bar.

Here I am!

Hi there, mates!

Clearing out a bunch of emails and found the invite... thought it was some sort of fluke from the last time an invite went out. Was there a reason we created a new one - I feel like I missed something! LOL =D

Well, anyway, here I am!

I am LOVING the pics of Ami's C4 artwork.... HA - been two years and I still need to get the RoTS posters framed and hung.

Gotta love life as it rushes right on by, eh?

LOVE the purple Bar Jedi, BTW, JK!

I don't have any cool pics to post so, so-long for now!


The best sound in the galaxy...

UPDATE - August 28th - See new video posted at end.

I posted this at one of my other blogs, and now I'm posting it here. Just cos'... it rocks.
(Turn the volume up to 11! - 1138 that is. Heh)

Online Videos by Veoh.com

8/28 - New video - LOL! This got the Stooge cackle of approval in the video, but didn't quite upstage him :) There is some language near the end, so keep the kiddies away. Thanks to Club Jade for the link.

Star Wars Stand Up Comic


Sunday, Sweet Sunday

I just did something I haven't done on a Sunday afternoon in...ooohhh...months maybe, and in a location I haven't done it EVER. Get your minds out of the gutter, kids. I just took a nap on the swing on my deck. A NAP! For a whole hour! It was in the 90's recently, but today, after a big storm last night, it's absolutely amazing outside with temps in the 70's, and I just took a nap on a deck swing.

Life is freaking good. Even if it's just for today, life is good.

jk asked what we would like to see here. Hmmmmmmmm. Just each other for now. I'm easy to please!! Absolutely no pressure. Absolutely no expectations. Just our online buds hanging out and having a virtual drink.

If you want to add some Jason Bourne links, that would be fine, too! :D :D :D (I'm in the mood to watch all three of those films again!)

So in the interest of doing what we can't do at the OS, I think I'll dig up a picture of something fun to post...gimme a sec...hold on...there. Two of my C4 acquisitions, now framed and hung in what is my make-shift "office" (messy dining room that we don't have a dining room table in but desks and computers instead!). I'm not much of a collector, but I do have a few things lurking around this room....
So there you have it. Hanging out on a Sunday...ami-style... :)


Hello Thar!

jkthunder poses with all of her blogs. whatta mess!

Another day, another blog. But hey! We can post pictures, video, and do whatever the frak we want with the format here. Sending out invites right after this. Yeah... something else to do online. The galaxy is our space-oyster.

Right now, this "space" is completely open to view and comment (commenting even by non-members). I can change any of that, so we can vote and squabble on it all. I'll tweak out the format so it's more purty (which will surely be an ongoing process), but if anyone wants to get jiggy with design, I can hand over the reins. This is mostly for social purposes. It's amazing what I do when I get a long overdue day off (aka - what am I thinking making another one of these things??) :p

For now... check in here, in the comments, and say hi when you've signed on! Mention anything you'd like to see on this site, like links to stuff or whatever. Already got some Star Wars feeds up in the nav bar...