If Only Senator Amidala Were Here

Much like Palps, I show up and try to convince you that it's appropriate to vote for me and to stuff the ballot box.

Mayor Daly and I are trying to bring more traffic to my 4th stream of income. My kids are starving ...

Go to www.ballyhype.com and register as a user. Then, add www.hoopsvibe.com to your "favorites" -- that way, you'll be seeing all my article submitted under my psuedonym "Jason Kelly" (I'm really Porkins) and you can "hype up" or give a positive vote to my articles. It's good for my street cred.

See you guys next time I need you ;) Or ... when I start getting paid for blogging about Star Wars (note that of all the hate I've received on HoopsVibe, no one has given me a hard time for being a self-proclaimed Star Wars Geek).


amidalooine said...

I'm on the job...and here to correct your linkage. Geez!

Here's where you want us to go!

Signed up. Will vote for you many times. Not because I like YOU...because I like your KIDS.

(going to hit publish, hoping that my smart ass comments don't bite me in the ass)

amidalooine said...

SUCCESS!I haven't been working on that damned band website forever for nothing!

Vote for that Kelly guy!!


Hansgirl3 said...

Naturally, no one has given you a hard time for being a SW Geek! We all are whether we wear it on our sleeves or it's buried deep inside... ;)

Hansgirl3 said...
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