Star Wars in Sports

I haven't been around so much, as I've been consumed by sporting events. The D-Backs had a good run, the Suns are starting up and -- only a little behind schedule -- the Cards are starting to implode.

A sports guy on the local radio said that the thing on Curt Warner's arm last Sunday looked like something that the Emperor grafted onto Darth Vader. Then, reading Bill Simmons, he cut-and-pasted this email for us:

"Bill, when Drew hit that grand slam in the first inning, I felt just like I did when I saw 'Return of the Jedi' for the first time. After hating Darth Vader for nearly nine hours of the original Star Wars trilogy, he does that one great thing at the end and saves Luke Skywalker's life. We forgot all about how he killed scores of people, including the whole planet of Alderaan."

Star Wars is everywhere, I suppose.

I've always enjoyed the similarities between sports and the Saga.


starthunder said...

i dont give a crap about sports, except now that the red sox are doing well in the WS. i finally put on my shirt for the game tonight, and old myself if they lost, i'd bur the shirt. well, they won, so now i'm stuck wearing this thing for potentially 5 more days. please, just let it be 2 :)

john williams played at game 1 so there ya go! - star wars connection :D

jk-1 said...

"i dont give a crap about sports, except now that the red sox are doing well in the WS."

I can only assume that means you've been watching sports for two years or less.

Sports reveal character ... a student of human nature should be interested.

Wifey said...

I was going to post about John Williams' rendition of the National Anthem.

Wasn't it fantastic?

I thought the rendition was beautiful!

starthunder said...

let me correct for the laws of jkelly - i dont really give a crap about professional sports in general, primarily due to corporate politics and commercialism. i've been playing and watching sports since i was a kid.

playing sports for health and "character building", well, i'm all for that.

i was just being snarky about my own personal irony with the bo-sox. hope you didn't take offense!

jk-1 said...

I don't take offense from anyone with the "thunder" surname.

Although, the diatribe against capitalism is not well-taken. I guess GL shouldn't make any money making movies, eh?

What about Bob Plant and his "tall cool Coke" or McCartney and Mastercard?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

jk-1 said...

Also, while we're on your "beloved" Sox (which you only started following after Fallon's "Fever Pitch" -- no one outside of New England like them before that), when did they start spending money like a drunken New York Yankees owner? Yeah, real "down-to-earth" and stuff.

I don't care about that, though, because the DBacks did it, too. What really bugs me is Schilling fake "wicked" accent to make a couple of extra bucks whoring himself out for Dunkin Donuts in Boston.

jk-1 said...

Damn you, Gary.

starthunder said...

What about Bob Plant and his "tall cool Coke" or McCartney and Mastercard?

what about that? are you asking me? - cos i have no idea.

i'm a native new englandah. didn't i write that here before? when i was a toddler, i didn't have a security blanket or a doll. i had a red sox cap. i slept with it and everything. ask my mom. i have fond memories of going to fenway as a kid.

i sense much anger in you jk-1! whats up??

amidalooine said...

The Suns start tonight, the night after Halloween. That's about as Star Wars and Sports as it gets! :D